New Music: DJ Fatha Julz - Buck With Me [audio]

New Music: DJ Fatha Julz – Buck With Me [audio]

Michigan bred Dance/Soul music producer DJ Fatha Julz officially releases “Buck With Me”, the first single from his forthcoming compilation album release, New World.  The fifteen-track album, which is the artist’s fourth release, is now available for pre-order on iTunes.  Those who-pre-order DJ Fatha Julz’s New Worldwill receive “Buck With Me” as an instant download.  New World will be released…

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New Music: Jesse Boykins III - Love Apparatus

New Music: Jesse Boykins III – Love Apparatus

Jesse Boykins III is a Chicago born/Brooklyn residing singer, songwriter and producer that is currently getting pretty heavy rotation in my iTunes, and Love Apparatus is only going to add to my obsession. Fourteen tracks of flawless vocals, intricately produced tracks (thanks to fellow producer Machinedrum) and honest and open lyrics makes this album one of the best “R&B” releases of late. And I…

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Björk - Homogenic #ThrowbackThursday

Björk – Homogenic #ThrowbackThursday

In honour of #ThrowbackThursday, I want to bring you back to 1997. There isn’t much I can say about Björk’s ‘Homogenic’ album that would actually make any kind of sense to anyone because to me it was more of an experience than it was an album. Listening to it makes me see images and colors and textures and landscapes and that makes me sound like I’m crazy, so I’m just going to post the Spotify…

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The X. D. Experience Welcomes Ayesha K. Faines As First Woman On The Network

The X. D. Experience Welcomes Ayesha K. Faines As First Woman On The Network

The X. D. Experience would like to bring hard hitting issues, humor, and all things Black to the network. There is only one woman who could do it effortlessly with style, elegance, and intelligence: Ayesha K. Faines. On April 25th, Faines will be bringing her informative, no nonsense approach to news, and social commentary show Off The Recordto The X. D. Experience Network. We are elated to have…

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Just A Taste NYC ›

Keya Maeesha Presents Just A Taste NY: A Night Of Music & Soul [video]

Last week, Keya Maeesha brought to us a night of music, talent, and soul with Just A Taste NY.

In Awesome News: ‘The Maya Rudolph Show’ Is Coming To NBC!

In Awesome News: ‘The Maya Rudolph Show’ Is Coming To NBC!

One of my favorite veterans from Saturday Night Live is getting her own show! The Maya Rudolph show is scheduled to premiere Monday, May 19th at 10pm ET/PT on NBC. The show will be the simple, yet effective variety format with musical guests. SNL’s Lorne Michaels will executive produce the series and will feature an array of guest stars including Sean Hayes, Kristen Bell, Craig Robinson and…

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XD Artist To Watch: Steffanie Christi’an

XD Artist To Watch: Steffanie Christi’an

Often times when presented with Rock N’ Roll, we imagine big haired white men playing guitars on stage and screaming at the top of their lungs. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that as I just finished playing Bad English’s epic, monster ballad “When I See You Smile.” However, we are living time where we are redefining music and making it our own. Often times, we’re taking back our…

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6 Tips To Help You Spring Into Summer

6 Tips To Help You Spring Into Summer

It’s Spring time! For most of us, Winter is finally acting like the bitch it is and going back into hiding. The flowers are blooming and if you know like I know, the pollen count has brought you crippled to your knees. Spring is the season of renewal. “The old falls away to make way for the new.” Now is a time to thrive and to do that, but you’ve got to make an investment now. Here are a few…

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Introducing: Roman GianArthur

Part of the incredibly talented group of artists, the Wondaland Arts Society, Roman GianArthur has remained relatively quiet and behind the scenes, working predominantly with Janelle Monáe since her groundbreaking album The ArchAndroid. Roman is slowly but surely working his way to the forefront, however, with hopes of a new EP coming soon and a full-length album to follow. Think a mix of Raphael…

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I talk about my hoshit here.

After Dark: XD Talks Sex, Love, And His Fear of Dating On ‘Talk About Sex’

After Dark: XD Talks Sex, Love, And His Fear of Dating On ‘Talk About Sex’

I recently had an in depth interview with, Tony. Tony is a Black Sex Master (A Black guy who has a Masters Degree in Sexuality) and has an amazing podcast called “Talk About Sex.” We sat for an interview, and what was supposed to be an hour, ended up being 90 minutes of me being the most honest and raw I have ever been on the internet to date. Listen to the interview below, and leave comments…

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‘The Tenth’ Explores the Phenomenon of the Black Gay Male

‘The Tenth’ Explores the Phenomenon of the Black Gay Male

Last night was the gallery debut for the new publication ‘The Tenth’ and was on hand for all of the celebrations. Held at a gallery in the Bowery area of lower Manhattan, the launch event was an intimate gathering of artists, taste makers, supporters and friends, all interested in seeing what the minds behind ‘The Tenth’ had created.

More of an artsy literary journal than your…

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New Music: Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Winter [EP]

New Music: Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Winter [EP]

One thing you’re most likely going to notice about my taste in music is that the majority of it sounds like it was made while under the influence of one or more hard narcotics. The Winter EP from Vancouver Sleep Clinic is definitely no exception. And while musically it may be pleasing to the ear and calming to the soul, if you pay close attention to the lyrics they’re actually some of the most…

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The Latest Release From Moonchild Sends Us To The Moon!

The Latest Release From Moonchild Sends Us To The Moon!

I have been playing this album all week and I need to share it with you all. I recently discovered a Los Angeles R&B group through Bandcamp during my weekly music dig to find new gifts to bless my ears. Andris, Andrea, and Max of Moonchild have given me the greatest gift with their latest album Press Rewind.Each track is smooth, mellow and makes you want to curl up in bed with your siggie-o or…

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